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      High precision LCD-SLA 3D Printer

      Dazz 3D L120 has a high price–performance ratio, with high printing precision can be prefect used in dental,jewelry,animation,prototyping,education.

      • Speed



      • Build Volume (X, Y, Z)

        120 x 68 x 150


      • Layer Thickness

        25 / 35 / 50 /100


      • Printing Stable
        Printing Stable
      • Mini Printing
        Mini Printing
      • High Speed
        High Speed
      • High Precision
        High Precision
      Dual Z-Axis Slides

      The unique dual-liner slides are designed to eliminate wobbling,and create highly precise 3D models with an ultra-smooth surface.

      High Resolution

      The Layer resolution capability is up to 25 microns, XY Resolution is 47μm, and Z resolution is 10μm.

      Fast Printer Speed

      High precision, yet not comprising on printing speed. The light rate 3.8 times faster than normal light-cured resin 3D printer. The printing speed is up to 36mm/hr.

      Convenient connection

      You can use the cable, USB drive, or WiFi connections to get started.

      Our patented resin carries high tensile strength, high elongation, and elastic properties. We also provide castable wax resin. Combination of patented resin and high accuracy 3D printer produce superior result with fine detail and smooth surface. It is ideal for providing fast design verification models.

      • Dazzle 3D EC08 High Wax Castable Resin for Jewelry : this resin offers smooth stereolithography surfaces and is recommended to use in jewelry direct casting investment.

      • F20 3D Sculpting: Prints smoothly and precisely, best for use in portrait and prototype applications.

      • Dazzle 3D HT3 High Temperatrue: Withstands heat deflection temperature (HDT) of 180 °C and is widely used in jewelry rubber molding and dental practices.

      • LC09 Unbeatable Price:Create models with outstanding performance and excellent details without sacrificing the strength.

      • R1 High toughness:Suitable for high toughness requirements.

      • WG5 Rigid: Features high resistance to deformation, high rigidity and polished finish. Performs well in printing prototypes, portraits, and dentistry models.

      • EC18 Castable Resin for Dental and Jewelry

      • HT7 High -Temp withstand 180° for Dental

      • DM07 Orthodontic Resin for Dental

      • W12 Water Cleanable Resin for Education

      • SG03 Biocompatible Resin for Surgery Guide

      • TD02 Orthodontic Resin for Dental

      • IC02 Castable Resin for Jewelry

      • SG15 Standard Resin for Dental, Figure

      • WT06 Smoothness Resin for Education, Figure

      • GM11 Orthodontic Resin for Gingival Masks

      DDStarter is self-develop software by Dazz 3D team. It is a powerful, simple and user friendly software. We dedicated to user needs and focused on enhancing user experience. Easily comprehensible software can be utilize after quick learning.



      • Open File

        Add .STL,.OBJ, .DDEB, .DDWP to DDStarter software.

      • Scaling

        Enlarges or diminishes objects.Also can copy models.

      • Rotate

        Rotates around the center to make the object printing more easily and has a high quality surface.

      • Layout

        To copy a layout and place the models in the desired position.

      • Add support

        Prepare models for reliable printing with Automatic or manual support generation.

      • Slicing and Print

        Automatic slicing and then importing data from computer into 3d printer.

      L120 Bundle
        1 x Dazz 3D L120 printer
        1 x Resin Tank
        1 x Finishing kit
      Finishing Kit
        1 x Scraper
        1 x Plier
        1 x Tweezer
        1 x Squeegee
        2 x Watertight containers
        1 x Filter
        Nitrile gloves
      Printer Specs
      • Technology 
        LCD Stereolithography (LCD-SLA)
      • Footprint 
        221 x 175 x 403mm (8.7 x 6.9 x 15.9 in)
      • Operating Temperature 
      • Net Weight 
      • Connectivity 
      • Input Power 
        100-240V, 50-60HZ , 2A
      • Output Power 
        24V, 4A
      Printing Specs
      • XY Resolution 
      • Z Resolution 
      • Layer Thickness 
        0.025 / 0.035 / 0.05 / 0.1 mm
      • Build Volume (X, Y, Z) 
        120 x 68 x 150mm (4.7 x 2.7 x 5.9 in)
      • Laser Scanning Speed 
      • Minimum Hole Diameter 
      • Minimum wall thickness 
      Software Specs
      • System Requirements 
      • File Size 
      • Input File 
        .STL , .OBJ , .DDEB and .DDWP
      • Supports 
        Automatic and manual support generation, Easily removable
        Simple print setup
        Auto-generation of supports & manual support editing features
        Augmentation, rotation & placement
        Layer slicer for path inspection
        .STL , .OBJ , .DDEB and .DDWP file input
        Dazz 3D Resin EC08,HT3,F20,R1,LC09,W1,WG5
        Third Party Resin
      Printer Specs
      Dental Study

      The L120 allows you to print precise dental models from intraoral or 3D scans, which can then be used to test the fit of crowns, copings, and dental appliances.

      Jewelry Design

      The L120 printer is a wise choice for jewelry designers. High resolution makes it easy to create crisp details. Besides if you use the casting wax resins to print model you can use them directly.


      It’s easy for L120 to create complex, accurate and durable scale models quickly and cost-effectively. Magnificent 3D printed architecture scale models can help architects impress their clients, create and seize more opportunities. All of this can be done in-house.

      Printed by Dazz 3D L120